Oh What a Night!

The night was truly spectacular! Despite the weather we had a great crowd and we'd like to think everyone went home happy. We didn't really get a chance to thank everyone with so much going on, so Thank You one and all for helping us make The 5th Anniversary Celebration of the Joel Prince Starlight Fund a superb night to remember.

To all of you who won their auction items CONGRATULATIONS! And to those of you who bid but didn't win, thank you for taking part. Keep your eyes on our website and facebook page as there may be an opportunity to purchase your own artwork from the selection still available.

Just a few words of thanks to those without which tonight would not have happened...

Bristol Fashion Chorus and Sonic blew everyone away with brilliant performances. You are all beautiful people with a great gift of song. Thank You.

Park Lane Big Band had nearly everyone up their feet. Amazing musicians, and such kindness in you all, Thank you.

Bath Spa Catering Guy, Vicki, Wendy and Fred, Rachel and Dave fed us all, served us all and I couldn't ask for more wonderful work colleagues. Supper was just perfect and people complimented and commented on the food all night. Thank you

Leggy, our diligent and hardworking tech, supporting the band and choir and helping me out with music and lighting as well. Thank you.

John Darvall, your support for Joel's fund has been so important and very special to us. Thank you

UK Garrison, it is always wonderful seeing you put smiles on the faces of those who haven't even seen Star Wars! Thank you

Karen and Steve, CCLG, your support had been invaluable with the fund and you truly surprised me with a beautiful bunch of flowers and my most memorable gift.Thank you

To our gorgeous Family, Papa Lol, Vicki, Claire, Laura, and my Mum (with me in spirit), I could not have done this without having my family's care and support, Thank you

And to all our beautiful guests, of course, without you buying tickets and coming to our last event, we would not be sitting here writing about the love that flowed all night. We feel so blessed to have been able to spend this amazing night with you. Thank you

Big Love and BE HAPPY Always!

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We'd love to know if you had a great time

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