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Sandbanks Surprise Troop, Poole June 2022

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A huge THANK YOU to an amazing bunch of guys and gals who decided to surprise Conrad with a special troop in Poole. He had no idea that his fellow Star Wars costumers had planned this surprise for months to raise money for Joel's fund.

We had to find a way to get him to Poole, without him knowing and with his Shoretrooper costume. He fell for the cover story and we managed to fool him right up to the final minute when the surprise was revealed. The Sandbanks Hotel Managers, Paul (left) and Ian (right) hosted this day at the hotel and also joined us on the walk down the promenade. What a day!

The people of Poole were so friendly and the kids absolutely loved seeing the troopers. Thank you to everyone who donated on the day. Big Love and Be Happy!

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