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Instructions for Hush Hush Artists

We would like to invite all artists to contribute to the Hush Hush Art Auction. If you would like to support our charity auction  we are asking artists to produce work on/with a blank postcard. All postcards should be A6 size (measure 148mm x 105mm) and should be signed on the back by the artist.

You can use your own postcard or blank postcards can be obtained from us on request, for free, either collected in person or by emailing (providing your full name and address so we can post this to you). A Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) will also be provided with the postcard which should be completed by the contributor (see details below) and returned with the artwork.

Please note: Without the CoA we will be unable to sell the artwork. You will be asked to provide your email/ address for contact purposes only when you are provided with a postcard and/or CoA.

All artwork will need to have been received by February 1st 2020 in order to be entered into the auction. Any artwork received after this date may need to be returned to the contributor in order to ensure there is enough time for online displaying of the artwork. We will email each contributor to confirm when their artwork has been received.

All artwork can be hand delivered to us at Bath Spa University, Locksbrook Campus or can be posted (for the postal address please email us). If you are posting your artwork please address this for the attention of Joel Prince Starlight Fund, and we would advise sending it in a hard backed envelope by special delivery so that you can track the delivery.

Further Instructions for Art Production

Contributors must be aged 18 or over by 1st February 2020.

All postcards should be A6 size (measure 148mm x 105mm) and should be signed on the back by the artist. Please do not signed the front of the postcard, to keep your identity ‘hush-hush’.

The Artwork can be in 2D or 3D up to a maximum 5cm in depth and weigh no more than 750g.

Submissions should be able to be given in their entirety to the buyer. For example, if you were to project on a postcard the projector would be part of the work!

Collaborative submissions are accepted with a maximum of 1 work per contributor.

If there are any particular care needs or potential changes in the work’s nature over time please make information related to this available to potential buyers, e.g. potential degradable or delicate materials, light sensitive paints etc. 

Please be aware of your audience. All works which arrive on time will be included in the auction unless it is deemed unethical or offensive to the audience. In this case the art will be returned to the contributor.


Details required by the Artist for the Certificate of Authenticity are as follows:

  1. Statement of Authenticity has been included on the certificate declaring the authenticity of your work, as well as a statement that your work is copyrighted by you, and you alone.

  2. Artist name

  3. Title of the work.

  4. Year Produced.

  5. Size

  6. Medium / Materials.

  7. Edition number, if applicable.

  8. Special instructions. Make sure, if necessary, to include any special instructions regarding the condition of your work, installation instructions, etc.

  9. Artist’s Signature

  10. Date


What happens to unsold artwork?

Unsold Art work becomes the property of Joel Prince Starlight Fund and we hope to continue to sell the work online for at least six months after the end of the exhibition. We reserve the right to return unsold works after this period.

Please ensure your postcard and Certificate of Authenticity is received by 1st February 2020. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us by email


We truly appreciate your contribution to the Hush Hush Art Auction and the Joel Prince Starlight Fund.

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