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Own a Unique Artwork
How to Bid

1.Browse the artwork
All artworks are available to view on the Joel Prince Starlight Fund website where you also have the opportunity to place your bid. All artworks are being displayed at Bath Spa University, Locksbrook Campus from Friday 17th June.

2.Bidding Rules

Bidding on the art will commence at 6pm on Friday, 17th June and will close at 10pm on Wednesday, 22nd June. No Bids will be accepted before or after the specified times. Opening bids start at £40. There is no limit on how many bids each artwork can receive or how many bids each person can make. Only one bid per email should be sent using the Artist’s name in the subject line. By entering a bid via email, the bidder will be contractually required to pay if they are the highest bidder.

3.Winning Bids

The auction winners will be contacted on Thursday 23rd June by email. Payments will need to be made via Joel Prince Starlight Fund Just Giving page. The Auction Winners can collect their artworks from Locksbrook campus or can request they are posted to a nominated UK address.

For further info visit ‘HUSH HUSH 2022 FAQS’

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